advantagesUniversal and customizable led luminaire
Customizable: easy possibility
configuration, replacement of power
supply, sensor, expansion with
new components thanks to opening
CCT as standard - change function and light color from 3000K - 6000K.
Light efficacy: 100lm/W.
Universal: 2 powers in the same size (same diameter).
Works with an adjustable
microwave motion sensor (optional).
parameters2 powers of the same size
NYMPHEA CITY PRO 18W SLI031028CCT / with motion sensor MV SLI031028CCT_CZUJNIK NYMPHEA CITY PRO 24W SLI031029CCT / with motion sensor MV SLI031029CCT_CZUJNIK
Impact resistance class:IK10
Warranty:5 years
easy and fast
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CCTlight color change function
CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) Luminaire with the function
of changing the color of light
using the 3-position switch
located on the PCB.
instalationinstaller friendly product
5 assembly steps:
1Unscrew the lampshade
2Turn the butterfly mounting on the PCB.
3Screw to the ceiling.
4Connect the wires.
5Close luminaire.
controlwhat else does NYMPHEA CITY PRO offer?
The ceiling is available in a version with adjustable microwave and motion sensor (option).
Works with intelligent control systems
DALI / CASAMBI (option)
Version with emergency module available for EU countries (excluding Poland
and applicable regulations). It does not have a CNBOP-PIB certificate.
applicationflats, offices, bathrooms, corridors, staircases, schools, hospitals, public facilities, restaurants, hotels, offices, garages, halls, etc.