CHLOE ELEMENTO GU10 The interior climate is created by details The lighting and its atmosphere are made
up of ELEMENTS: the shape of the luminaire, reflector, light source, beam angle color
temperature etc.
Pay attention to the DETAILS.
capabilitiesconnect like blocks, play with colors,
and compose your own lighting sets
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reflector color:
Lumianire Code: SLIP005018
Reflector Code: SLIP005024
Lumianire Code: SLIP005017
Reflector Code: SLIP005021
Lumianire Code: SLIP005019
Reflector Code: SLIP005027
Lumianire Code: SLIP005020
Reflector Code: SLIP005025
parameterschoose the luminaire and light source for your needs
Available colours:white/black
Dimension (round):95×138mm
Dimension (square):56,5×121×145mm
Reflector colors:white, black, silver, gold
The luminaire is sold without a light source
(max. 10W LED and 50W halogen) and reflector.
The latest series of decorative luminaires by SpectrumLED
for replaceable light sources CHLOE ELEMENTO GU10 enables
connecting and matching elements: housing + colorful
. This modular solution gives our clients
freedom to create the character of the interior in any way.
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Choose source
GU10 SpectrumLED
Choose power, beam angle
and color of light
Replace the source
whenever you want
applicationflats, SPA rooms, hotels, cafes, restaurants

Modernity at an affordable price.
Versatility, high quality and selection of
light source power
Spectrum LED is a perfect solution for people who value simplicity and convenience.